Translation from English to Serbian, from Chinese to Serbian. I was born and have lived all my life in Belgrade, Serbia, so I speak “ekavica”, the standard form of modern Serbian. About 70% of my work is in the area of medical translations, with the rest being advertising and other texts.

Editing, proofreading

A newly translated or written text usually needs some polishing before it can be published for commercial, educational or other purposes. I offer you my competence in grammar, style preferences, tone of address and many subtleties of the Serbian language. You will get suggestions to make the text fly, not fail.


Perhaps you have an advertising campaign going on for the whole world, or for the Eastern European region? Do you need to adapt a set of slogans, a jingle or other culturally-sensitive material to this new market? Let me help you make an impact in the Serbian market, avoiding the pitfalls of clumsy word-for-word translations or misused colloquial expressions.

Privacy and data security

I take care to protect confidential project files and content from unauthorized access. I won’t discuss them with anyone not involved in the project.

The files are stored in encrypted form, backed up locally and in the cloud. The email is protected with end-to-end encryption. All our correspondence is confidential.

No other translators or consultants will have access to material without the prior agreement of the client.

Other info

In case of any conflict of interest, you will be notified immediately.

I work with the latest versions of all major software that I use.

If a client needs a test translation, I am willing to provide test translations up to around 300 words in length.

* * * * *

Detailed CV, portfolio and references are available on request.

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